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Hey Styxzo, welcome to the youthspace forum.

I get a sense you’re feeling a storm of uncomfortable feelings building up an immense pressure inside of you, and you are desperately searching for a way to relieve that pressure before it bursts and wreaks ultimate destruction over you. I’m hearing that you feel badly for being in such emotional turmoil, and I would guess you feel reluctant to burden any one with your stress. Does anyone in your life know how bad things have become for you? Is there anyone you’ve been able to go to in the past for support? I’m glad you’ve found us, and know you are welcome to use our forum and chat service to vent. We’re “hear” for you <3

It sounds like thoughts of suicide were overtaking you yesterday and that you’ve become fairly certain that suicide is the only way you can reach an end to your torment. I’m so scared to hear you in such a dark, desperate place Styxzo, and I hope that you are finding enough strength within you to fight the urge to die. Is there anything you are able to do for yourself to help you get through the darkest moments?

Keep connecting, Styxzo, we want to hear from you and help you find some relief from the storm <3 <3 <3

the Support Team

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