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Hey Scarlet Ohara…

It sounds like you put yourself out there by telling this friend that you had fallen for him…I can hear how the vulnerability that you showed has you feeling really exposed now, and making you wonder what is going through his head. It sounds like an agonizing flurry of questions are whirling round inside of you right now. You’re totally uncertain about how he feels – and it’s hard to interpret what his actions mean. I would guess that there are moments when it’s hard to focus on anything but wondering, wondering about him. :(

I can tell that he matters a lot to you still, and that you’re really looking for a way to clear things up so that you’re not always guessing about the state of your relationship with him…. It sounds complicated and really stressful. I can hear how at this point, you want just want something to happen – anything to be able to leave this limbo of uncertainty behind….

We’re here to listen – feel free to use this space to talk through some of the confusion.

The Support Team

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