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Hi Michelle2466,

Thank you for having the courage to reach out and share your story on our forum. I can hear how overwhelming your situation is for you and how hard you’ve been fighting to stay alive. I want you to know that no one deserves to be abused or called names and that we are here to listen and support you through this difficult time.

It seems as though you’re fighting an epic battle in your mind and on one hand you have the urge to end your life and your suffering but on the other hand you want to find a way to live, free from all of the hurt. I can hear that there is no one in your life you feel safe sharing your dark spaces with but I wonder if there are any other resources you might be able to access such as a local crisis line? We also offer a live chat service 6-11pm PST nightly (and until 12am PST Friday and Saturday nights) which offers one-on-one support.

We want to help you find ways to stay safe and keep fighting Michelle 2466.

<3 The Support Team

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