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grenouille19, you’re not at all a bother to us…we absolutely want to hear from you, especially as it sounds like you’ve got so little support elsewhere right now. Know that when you’re feeling alone with everything you can turn to us to talk about it.

I would guess it’s incredibly stressful to go through your days seeing spiders all over everything, and being told what to do by voices in your head. I imagine these things are incredibly distracting and disorienting when they happen, and are taking over your ability to concentrate on important things like exams or driving. I remember that you were getting support in a hospital for a while, do you have any supports or resources outside of the hospital that can help you cope with hallucinations?

I get the sense you’re feeling really fed up with life right now and how much of a fight each day has begun to feel. I’m wondering if you have been thinking about ending your life?

Thank you for staying connected when things are difficult,
the Support Team

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