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Hello Livingwithpoison,

Welcome and thank you for taking the time and courage to share your story on our forum. It sounds like you are feeling really disconnected from the people in your life that you are close to. I can imagine you feel very alone even when there is a house full of people.

I can hear how much you long for an escape from reality. The abuse, lack of support, porn and the burden you feel yourself to be to your parents and siblings seem to be festering in your mind leaving you feeling depressed and detached. Nobody deserves to be abused; I’m wondering if anyone knows about the verbal abuse from your sister?

It seems that you have considered ending your life as an option to end the suffering. On the one hand, you believe that others will be relieved that you are not around but on the other hand, you know that it will not be beneficial for you to be dead. It seems like you really want to stay alive for yourself but are having a difficult time wanting to stay alive for the people in your life because you assume that they don’t care about you. I’m curious if you have tried to reach out to the people in your life and tell them how you truly feel?

You can always count on us to be around, might take us a few days to respond but you can reach out to us here or through chat if you need to (6-11pm PST).

You don’t have to go through this alone, we are here for you,

The Support Team <3

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