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Dear Hullaballoo,

You are certainly NOT alone. As someone who has grown up in a small town I know exactly how you feel. I remember thinking to my self that life doesn’t make sense and that I most definitely don’t see the point of it. I felt like such an alien looking in on what other people seemed to think was so normal and natural…when to me it seemed so illogical and frankly just boring. I wondered what the point was. Well, I found my answers after being prompted to ask questions…like who am I and why am I here? And what I found I think will help you to make sense of things too…
there are some people who just aren’t ‘meant’ to fit in. This sounds like you. Though sometimes it does seem like there’s not many of us…there are more then what you know. We are just spread out. Stay strong and True with who you are and what you value deeply. It’s creating an example for others. Also, you will find others like you. That’s the beauty of social media these days. Keep your chin up and your heart open. You’ll find what you’re looking for. With Deep Love & Gratitude, BlueStarSeedofLove

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