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Hi Krysta,

Welcome to the Youthspace forum! Thank you for reaching out — it sounds like it has been a trying couple of months. No one should have to suffer through these feelings alone.

I can hear that you’re not feeling like your work is a safe space for you right now. It seems like your recent diagnoses would give you enough to worry about without adding work problems into the mix! Your coworkers and bosses comments are triggering you to fixate on your anxiety and depression and how it affects your work. I’d imagine this could become a rough cycle, becoming more anxious about your work, leaving you unable to complete as much work as you would like and then redoubling that anxiety.

It’s unfortunate to hear that you are suffering from the stigma attached to mental illness. Know that mental illness is not a moral failing or a deficit, but a treatable and common problem. You don’t deserve to be treated with less respect than anyone else. It sounds like there are rules in place that try to prevent this sort of harassment occurring, but that hasn’t stopped your coworkers from treating you differently.

I encourage you to take care of yourself and meet your own needs. The thought of having a panic attack or breakdown at work must seem so terrifying, especially with all the judgment you’ve received lately. Perhaps you could touch base with your boss about how the environment at work has been lately. How could you approach this conversation with your boss?

If you ever feel like talking some more about what’s going on for you, our chat service is open from 6 to 11 PM PST.

We’re here for you,


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