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Hi Danielle,

I can really hear how much you care about your friend Bob and how desperate you are for him to see the potential of his life in front of him. I’d imagine it could leave you feeling really helpless to watch your friend sinking below the waves that crash over him and be unable to pull him out of the churning sea. I get the sense from what you’ve said here that Bob has some really incredible people in his life (yourself included) who are willing to keep throwing life preservers into the water in hopes that one of these times he will grab hold of one and be able to swim to shore.

I’m hearing Danielle that watching your friend suffer and doing everything you can to help him keep fighting for his life must be very draining on your own inner resources. I wonder who offers you support while you’re supporting Bob? How do you cope with always being his rock? I’m really glad that you’ve reached out to share your story here Danielle and I hope you will continue to do so as needed. Don’t forget we also have our chat line available 6-11pm PST every night if you want to talk to us live.

We are also here to support Bob if you think he would like to post on the forum or chat in.

<3 Youthspace

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