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Welcome to the Youthspace forum. I am glad you reached out to us as it sounds as though you are going through a really rough time.

From what you’ve described it seems like you think your partner has a problem with alcohol and this has started to negatively effect your relationship. I get the sense this is just tearing you apart. I can only imagine how heartbreaking and frustrating and upsetting it is to be going through this.

It also sounds as though he can be a little rough with you when he is drinking (touching you in ways that hurt you) and being kind of aggressive in the way he talks to you. No one deserves to go through that and I am really sorry that is happening to you. I’m guessing it’s pretty scary and unsettling for you. I am happy to hear you have the support of his family, so that you are not facing this completely alone. Though it sounds like that complicates thing for you too, because you really care about them and that makes it harder for you to make a decision about what to do.

I can really hear how trapped you feel. On the one hand, you love him and on the other hand, it is destroying you having to put up with his drinking and the way he acts when he drinks. It sounds like you’re starting to feel exhausted by the merry-go-round of hoping he will change and then having your hopes dashed. And now that you’ve got struggles of your own, he isn’t able to be there for you in the ways you’d like, I imagine you feel really alone in dealing with all of this.

Please know we are always here for you as you work through your thoughts and feelings about all this.

<3 Youthspace.

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