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Hello Flowerbud and Welcome to the Youthspace forums.

I am so sorry to hear you’re going through all of this. No one deserves to be discriminated against. It sounds as though these interviews are excruciating and their inappropriate questions about your gender and your height are really making you doubt yourself and feel powerless and judged. I can imagine how infuriating that would be to know you are capable of the work and to have people undermine you like that. I personally think it is very brave and resourceful of you to call Human Rights. I get the sense you’re a determined person.

From what you’ve said, these experiences of discrimination have been so damaging to you, you’re starting to feel hatred towards yourself and your gender. Like because you’re getting the message from these interviews that some parts of you are not wanted, it is becoming so hard for you to hold on to your respect and appreciation of your gender, as if their voices are getting into your head? To feel as if they have robbed you of your gender sounds deeply painful and disorienting. I get the sense you’re starting to feel as if there is no way you can get the jobs you want as a woman and that is making you feel hopeless.

You say that the unfair way you are being treated is leading to you wanting to end your life, and I am really concerned for you. If the thoughts of suicide are feeling overwhelming, please call 911 or a crisis line in your area or feel free to chat in to Youthspace (our hours are 6pm PST- Midnight PST). We really want to support you through this.
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