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Hey Thisisblue,

We’re glad to hear from you. Sharing what’s going on for us, even anonymously, can feel very vulnerable and I understand how afterwards it might have felt a little embarrassing for you. I imagine it took some courage to share all this with us! I want to assure you, we felt no judgement about your problem and were honoured you reached out to us.

It sounds as though as your friend’s departure date gets closer, it’s becoming more consuming for you. I imagine you’d feel pretty frustrated with yourself that you can’t put the thoughts about your future with out her nearby out of your mind to enjoy her company while she is still here. I can really tell how much you value and care for her. Have you shared how you’ve been feeling with anyone in your life?

We’re always here for you if you need us.


I see that in the previous reply to the link we intended to share (that offered some coping tips) didn't seem to appear! I am sorry about that. I am pasting it again here for you:

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