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Hi Angelic,

Welcome to the Forum! Thank you for sharing your story and also for your gratitude and appreciation for our existence :).

I get the sense that you really want someone to just listen to your experience without them pushing their opinion or judgement. I can imagine how frustrating it is for you to want to vent to others and have them immediately tell you how you “should” live your life. It seems like the type of support you are looking for is the kind that will listen, accept you as you are, and empower you to make the best decision for yourself. We are here for that.

I can hear that your heart is really conflicted right now. The connection you and your boyfriend has is unlike anything you’ve had before. It seems that sometimes you feel jealous and insecure and as much as you try to hold it inside, it somehow manages to escape, even without your permission. I get the sense that your boyfriend’s comments about other girls makes you feel a little better in the moment, but doesn’t answer your uncertainty. I can imagine that you are questioning the way your boyfriend talks about women in general, and how he feels about you specifically. Is that right?

I can hear that you are really grateful for your boyfriend, and the love he gives you. I know he is an important part of your life. I’m wondering what you love and cherish about this relationship?

I really appreciate you sharing yourself and your story here. Feel free to use our Chat service also if you are in Canada.

<3 The Support Team

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