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Dear dcashbieber,

Your post has illuminated how desperately alone you are in life right now. Your words relay the pain you have internalized from all the disrespect and mistreatment you have suffered at the hands of “friends” and lovers. I get the sense that you are hyper-aware of these people’s ulterior motives, and feel betrayed by their actions.

I’m thinking that every violation of your trust is another blow to your self-esteem. Sounds like you have been the guy other guys test the waters with and fool around with…only to then turn on you. I hope you know that you deserve to be loved and accepted just as you are. I’m glad to hear that you know there is absolutely nothing wrong with being bisexual.

I can appreciate that in your deepest, darkest moments of solitude you see death as the only way out. Do you have a plan to end your life dcashbieber? I’m scared for you, sounds like you are all alone in this fight for your life.

I can hear that helping others in their pain has kept you holding onto life, and fighting for hope. Although I don’t know much about you, I can see what an overflowingly-generous heart you have. Seems like putting yourself aside and focusing on your purpose of helping others avoid SI helps you change the way you see yourself in the world.

We want to be there for you dcashbieber, as you are there for others who are hurting. We would love to connect via Chat/Text too. Any night 6-11pm on the West Coast.

Stay strong dcashbieber. Your courage is contagious.
<3 the Support Team

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