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      Well, I’m a 16 year old male teenager that is bisexual. Some people might think that finding someone to date would be easier because you like both sexes, well for me its completely wrong, neither sex likes me. I’ve had five girlfriends if you can call them that and one boyfriend. Most of my ex-girlfriends have cheated on me and just used me for the little bit of money I had. My ex-boyfriend broke up with me because I lost my phone for three days. My so called “friends” treat me like its wrong for me to be bi but most of them are also bisexual, so I dont understand. All my “friends” ignore outside of school and for the most part at school unless they know I have money or need help with something. Since July the guy I pretty much fell head over heels in love with hates my guts, but only since this last July, it has been about three years since he has found out i liked him, I havent flirted with him unless he was “jokingly” messing around with me. I’m not sure if its because i never tried anything or he actually got tired of hanging out with me. Then two weeks ago I got with another guy I liked and well we fooled around but since the next day he hasn’t talked to me except to tell me to f@@k off and never tell anyone i gave him a bj. I dont know what to do, all my friends are ignoring me, all i do is sit home alone wishing someone would text me, ask me to hang out or something. I sit home crying wishing I was never born, wishing i could just die already. The only good thing in my life is me helping others not to hurt themselves like I want to do to myself.

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      Dear dcashbieber,

      Your post has illuminated how desperately alone you are in life right now. Your words relay the pain you have internalized from all the disrespect and mistreatment you have suffered at the hands of “friends” and lovers. I get the sense that you are hyper-aware of these people’s ulterior motives, and feel betrayed by their actions.

      I’m thinking that every violation of your trust is another blow to your self-esteem. Sounds like you have been the guy other guys test the waters with and fool around with…only to then turn on you. I hope you know that you deserve to be loved and accepted just as you are. I’m glad to hear that you know there is absolutely nothing wrong with being bisexual.

      I can appreciate that in your deepest, darkest moments of solitude you see death as the only way out. Do you have a plan to end your life dcashbieber? I’m scared for you, sounds like you are all alone in this fight for your life.

      I can hear that helping others in their pain has kept you holding onto life, and fighting for hope. Although I don’t know much about you, I can see what an overflowingly-generous heart you have. Seems like putting yourself aside and focusing on your purpose of helping others avoid SI helps you change the way you see yourself in the world.

      We want to be there for you dcashbieber, as you are there for others who are hurting. We would love to connect via Chat/Text too. Any night 6-11pm on the West Coast.

      Stay strong dcashbieber. Your courage is contagious.
      <3 the Support Team

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      Hey dcashbieber,
      In my social Justice class in school we’re learning g about the horrors that bisexuals, gays, lesbians, and transgenders/sexuals go through. Just today we had a transgender come in and talk to our class. I think what stuck most with me was when he said “don’t let labels define you, and don’t define others through labels.” She was such an inspiration just because of how strong she has been through everything, now I know this isn’t your situation at all, but please don’t label yourself as a bisexual. Take the positives in your life, and think about that. If you do this then you will be a stronger person afterwards, and you will look back at these tough times as a time that makes you the person you one day become. I really do hope that everything works out with you, and I’m sure you’ll find that special someone one day that accepts you for being the way you are.

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