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I can hear how discouraged you are with your situation today…like no matter how much you reach out and talk you know that tomorrow will bring darkness. And I can see that this realization leaves you feeling powerless. I’m scared when you say that you feel increasingly that you cannot “go on”…is suicide on your mind Dan? Your words hold the weight of someone who feels hopeless about life :'(

You said you feel like no one will pay attention and bring you the help you need, even if you do ring the alarm and bring awareness to the pain inside. Do you have a plan to end your life Dan?

The desperation in your words is really worrying to me Dan. I’m imagining this guilt that you feel might keep you quiet, and stop you from asking for what you need…you deserve support Dan. You deserve to live well, and that no matter what is going on we want to hear it and support you.

We care about you as a person.
<3 the Support Team

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