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Oh, Dan.

I can really hear how sad and hopeless you’re feeling and how the approaching New Year is filling you with so much dread. I get the sense too that you’re feeling powerless, both to stop the New Year coming in, and powerless over what your life will be like this year. I feel for you when you say pain is all you know. I can imagine how strenuous it is to constantly be in pain.

I can hear how torn you are between the desire to give in to your thoughts of suicide and the will you have to keep fighting to stay alive. I get the sense that the loss of someone in your life who has shown you compassion and care is hitting you like an arrow through the heart, and you are absolutely desolate to face a future without them. I see the immense strength it takes for you to keep fighting, Dan.

You really are in our hearts. Stay in touch, we want to hear from you.

-The Support Team

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