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Hi MeMyselfandI,

Thanks for coming to talk with us on youthspace. (:

It sounds like this fear about your ex-boyfriend attempting suicide has been hanging over you for a long while now.. it must be exhausting to have that constant internal fight over worrying about his safety, yet not wanting to get too involved. It sounds like part of that struggle is trying to understand whether or not he’s serious about the thoughts of suicide, or if he’s just trying to get your attention. I’m thinking that it might get overwhelming, trying to find that balance between protecting yourself and showing your concern for this person you care about — or at least that you did used to care about so deeply.

I’m getting the sense that you do feel like you need to do something about his thoughts of suicide, and I’m glad that your gut is telling you to act.. it sounds like way too much to carry just the two of you. I can hear though that you don’t want to be the person to support him — I don’t think that makes you sound like a horrible person at all. I’m glad that you’re able to set boundaries.. it sounds like you’re pretty in tune with what you need.

You ask how you could go about getting help for him… youthspace is a great start for that. One option could definitely be to send him our way. I’d also really encourage you to get support for him in person… is there an adult you can trust that could reach out to him to talk? Like a school counselor or a parent perhaps..? That can be a scary phone call or conversation to have.. and I encourage you to get support for yourself too thru this.

Also, if you feel like the situation is urgent and he will not be able to stay safe, 911 is the most immediate option. You can also call the Vancouver Island Crisis line at 1-888-494-3888. If it’s between 6pm and 11 pm (west coast time), you could also chat or text in to us (778-783-0177) and, like the crisis line, we could try to send someone his way.

I’m glad you posted on our forum MeMyselfandI , and we’re here to support you as you reach out for support for your Ex (or just about life stress in general if you wanted). Feel free to stay connected both on the forum and/or over the chat/text service.

Take care,

The Support Team. <3

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