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I can hear the turmoil your heart is in right now. More than anything it seems like you are trying to understand the painful turn your life just took, and I’m so glad you have connected with us here.

I think it’s beautiful that you try to console yourself…knowing that this is just a minor setback in the grand scheme of life…yet right now this grief is all-consuming. Your whole world shifted at the loss of your bestfriend. And on top of that you are occupying this strange inbetween land between childhood and adulthood. Does anyone else know how you are feeling right now?

Sounds like you are really shocked and scared by way suicide presented itself as an option in your mind. Thank you for being honest with us about your intentions, I’m glad you are staying safe. I hope that if you ever DO feel the urge to act on these thoughts that you will call 911 or a crisis line (we can offer you resources if you want too).

How are you taking care of yourself in this challenging time Onemorestep? I’m really glad you are sharing your pain here with us. We’d love to Chat too if you’re around between 6 and 11pm.

Know that we are thinking of you
<3 the Support Team

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