Thanks I find it hard to express the depth of the darkness in a normal conversation, nothing seems to show how deep the hurt is, so I write. The thoughts of suicide do go through my mind but they scare me, I don’t like the idea of them because I know I love life and I know I would regret it, but the idea of silencing all of this noise in my head…I would not say I am suicidal. I am talking because I don’t want to end my life, I am grasping onto anything I can to keep me sane. I am just really low and sad. I feel like I am a robot just going through the day before I can get home and break down. Tears flow constantly, my favourite part of the day is going to sleep or my run. I used to love school but I can barely get myself out of bed and out of my house, whenever I can miss I do. I feel like I have failed everyone. I just have nothing left to give.

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