Sparrow, you have such a beautiful way with words…that poem gave me goosebumps. I can hear in it your longing for peace in your world, and freedom from the thoughts and emotions that are tormenting you. Thank you so much for sharing.

I get the sense you feel shackled by your sadness right now, unable to find the energy to face most days let alone enjoy them. It sounds like rather than finding comfort in the thoughts of suicide, you feel tormented by those thoughts as they remind you of how low you have become and cloud your vision of what it is about life that you love.

I’m guessing that because talking about your feelings is so difficult for you, you are also quite isolated with your sadness. Is there anyone in your life who knows what you are going through right now? I’m really glad you can express yourself through your poetry, and we hope you will continue to come here and share when you need to channel some of that energy into verse.

Take care, Sparrow <3
the Support Team

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