I think I got ahead of myself. I am back feeling pretty shitty and I am scared that I am going to stay in this forever or long enough to where I have destroyed everything of myself. I feel like I am dying, or just floating through life. The eating disorder* is so volatile * and I am so tired of it. It has totally consumed me and I just want out of this viscous cycle I have created for myself. I am at a loss…

The darkness is falling and the men are coming
With their pins and needles and sickly sweet smiles
You better get running
The water is flooding and the secrets are gushing
They are coming for you with cages and chains
You better get running
They are creeping and crawling, popping and snapping
Draining the colours and whitewashing your world
You better get running
Blinding and corrupt they keep trudging
Menacing and quite they, sneak, hide and seek, slowly they peek
You better be running
Grace and mercy they don’t speak
Straightjackets out and ready to play, sinister giggles echo about
By God You better be running!
Run, run, run away as fast as you can …
You can’t catch me…

*Edited by the Support Team to remove triggering content

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