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Hi Zelda_hyrule,

I’m really glad you posted… it’s clear you’re feeling totally overwhelmed with everything and you’re struggling to figure out how to survive. I get the sense you’re feeling pushed and pulled in every direction… like, its all become so overwhelming if something doesn’t give soon, you’re not sure how much more you can take :( How ARE you coping with all the stress and pressure?

You mentioned troubles with friends (who aren’t being friends at all!) and also with your boyfriend… I imagine worrying about him plus knowing he’s going through problems makes it hard to talk to him about your own stuff. And with your friends acting differently, well, Im sure that just makes you feel more alone and disconnected :( Does anyone know how you’ve been doing? Have you been able to talk to anyone about your thoughts of suicide? I can really hear how lost you feel sometimes…

Oh Zelda_hyrule… I hope you’re able to get some of the weight off your shoulders… you’re not alone here <3 If you haven’t chatted in yet, we’d love to hear from you (every night 6-11pm in Victoria), and of course, the forum’s always open.

Stay strong, and stay connected…
the Support Team

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