Hey DashingDaisy,
I can hear that you’ve got a lot going on in your life right now, and I’m thinking that it’s sometimes hard to see straight when your vision is so obscured by traumatic events and confusing emotions :(

You spoke passionately about your relationship with M, and I’m thinking that things with him are different than with men from your past. It sounds like you are contemplating the differences between lust and love, and trying to understand or label your feelings towards him.

I get the sense that all these questions about your relationship with M are consuming you, and that it’s leaving you feeling some judgment towards yourself…, that your Grandma’s health and your own health have taken a backseat in your mind.

When you say it’s all over now….are you referring to your relationship with M?

I also hear you say you are determined in your death — I’m thinking that suicide is occupying some space in your mind…can you tell me more about that? I’m worried about you DashingDaisy…sounds like there’s a lot of pressure pushing down on you right now.

I’m thinking that you might be feeling powerless in the wake of everything in your life that you cannot control. Like a lone dandelion, blowing in the wind…knowing that you will soon lose your petals to the wind. How are you taking care of yourself right now DashingDaisy?

Sending strength your way,
<3 the Support Team

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