I sit here with painful tears sliding down my face.

My co-worker sent me a text message last night needing my help. I went in and started at 1am. Near the end, my one co-worker looked at me lost not knowing what to do with a customer. I step in, little did I know, the customer is now in my bed sleeping.

I called 2-1-1 then the local police station asking them to help him, to take him to a shelter. He was intoxicated which I didn’t know, the police knew. I sat with him while he drank some hot coffee and we talked about what happened. I was done and I couldn’t leave him there without telling him encouraging thoughts. My co-worker who asked me to come in, gave him 10 dollars. The police let him go because I convinced them I would help him and he didn’t cause any issues. I walked him to the bus stop. I called the ID number and next bus was coming in over an hour. I couldn’t let him wait, shiver like a mad person. I told him he could either wait here in the cold or come with me and I can make him tea and soup. He did. He lost his phone and that was his only way to call others. I let him use my laptop and I contacted some people and he did as well. At this point haven’t heard back from any of them. He lost his job 2 weeks ago, he got laid off and he just needs help getting back on his feet.

He’s in my bed sleeping…

M and I started to talk online. I started to cry. He said we can hang out still but he needs a break. He wasn’t mad at me, just… I don’t know… upset. I told me about the guy, left out he’s sleeping in my bed… I’ll be washing the sheets before I sleep in them.

I guess, things at this point… are healing?

M knows what kind of person I am, that I’ll do anything for. Fuck it was -11 out and it never bothered me, I was more concerned about helping this person than anything. Being tired never bothered me. My voice stayed with me till I knew he was safe and warm with me, and then it gave out. I am sick with a sore throat and I can’t barely talk and I’m seeing a walk in doctor today. What I did is the person I am. He told me, “your like Mother Theresa that came down and helped me out of passion and kindness…” I felt touched.

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