I dropped off M Birthday gift at his bar. He pulls out the rabbit and looks at it, “and you probably want me to name the rabbit?” I told told him if he wanted to. He read my card + it sang to him. He likes to send others text messages about his experiences on the toilet so I found and printed some “shit” jokes for him to read. “Some more reading material for the bathroom and I can text these to people while I’m taking a shit.” Talk about funny. So he puts back the stuff and said he will have to find a home on his bed to put the rabbit. It made me feel warm inside.

I walked out of his bar, with almost tears of happiness. Sounds so korny!

He’s like “we can hang out tomorrow and do something.” I said okay. I also said I was very sorry and felt horrible. He told me he doesn’t want to talk about it here (at the bar) so it’s bound to come up tomorrow when we hang out.

I’m glad he is doing okay. I care about him a lot.

I have si’d** and I want the marks** to disappear. I don’t want M to think I si’d** over him, which wasn’t the case. I’ll deal with it when it comes about.

**edited by the Support Team for triggering content.

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