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Hey missavery,

I’m glad that you’re feeling supported, and that you feel comfortable sharing your story here. :)

I’m getting an inkling of how divided you home life is; it’s clear that your boyfriend is a grand support and companion, but it sounds like you and your dad have hit a rocky patch in your relationship. I’m hearing that you two used to be much closer, and that the issue of drugs has really built a fence in between you… I can understand why it hurts to think that you would have to try so hard to win his approval when you feel like you’ve been working so hard and doing so much for him…

I can hear how stung you are by your dad’s judgment of you, and I get the sense that you feel like it’s unfair as well, since his experiences with drugs were so different from what you have had. I can hear how important freedom and independence are to you, and I’m guessing that you also crave his respect. When you work hard to be in control of your life, it must be disappointing to feel like that effort goes unnoticed, or is overshadowed by his perceptions about drug use. I get the sense that you care deeply about your dad, and want to find a way to show him how independent and resilient you are without having to distance yourself from him entirely. You sound totally grounded and confident in your abilities, missavery. I can understand how it would be incredibly frustrating to think that someone you care about so much might not see any of that.

Wonderful that your boyfriend is such a sensitive and helpful support. :) It’s beautiful to read how grateful you are to have him with you as you sort through everything with your dad. I get the sense that he’s the safe haven for you in the storm.

We’re happy that you’re feeling heard! We’re totally here to be the listening ears.

The Support Team

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