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Hey Sophiecdxx,

Thank you for keeping in contact here. Use this forum as much as you need — I can sense that connections to anything that is real and that might keep you safe are really important to you right now. We will continue to do everything we can to help. How are you doing now?

I’m glad to hear that you know that you don’t deserve the intensity of emotional pain that you are experiencing — but it sounds like that’s not good enough right now — kind of like you know that you shouldn’t have to ride the roller coaster, but now that you’re on it, you can’t just get off. It’s terrifying that you feel so helpless in the face of the feelings and urges that you are having. I can hear how beaten you’re feeling, and how unreal everything seems.

We’re concerned for you, Sophiecdxx. Please chat in if you need help getting through the night or stopping yourself from going too far with harming —we can help you get in touch with 911 or other places if you need.

We are here for you, and you have huge support here in Terezi. Please reach out if you feel like you are at a breaking point.

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