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Oh Sophiexx.
I can see how desperate you are feeling. I get the sense that you received the help you needed the other day when the police were called, but now you’re feeling hopeless and unsupported having been told not to contact them unless you are at that emergency point.

Seems like maybe your mind was able to calm down once you knew that help was on the way? I really admire your courage in reaching out when you need help Sophiexx.

I’m wondering what else might help you when you are feeling out of control?

I’m thinking that you feel a constant tornado of emotion – like you never feel fully secure or able to stand on your own two feet. Seems that you fear being pulled up into that looming tornado at any moment. I’m really thankful you are able to get these fears out here. How can we support you in staying safe?

We are here with you Sophiexx.
~The Support Team

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