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Hi Sophiexx,

I can hear how terrified you’re feeling of the people around you — from family and friends who have abused you to the people who are trying to help make things better. I wonder what it is about those people trying to help you that scares you so much?

We certainly appreciate you taking the risk to open up to us on this forum and share your pain. It’s important that you understand that if you’re in need of emergency help you need to contact a crisis line or your local police as this forum is not monitored 24 hours a day and we can’t promise we will see what you’ve written in time to offer the help you’re asking for.

You may have noticed as well that we’ve edited some content in your posts. This is to ensure the forum remains a safe place for all of our members and that we respect your privacy as well. You’ve mentioned abuse in this last post and we want to encourage you to report this abuse to your local authorities or to chat in with us during our online hours (6-11pm PST and 6pm-12am PST on Friday and Saturday nights) so that we can support you in getting help for this abuse.

It seems as though the loneliness in your life has become so thick that you can’t see anything around you and that taking the time to write your pain down on paper in your suicide note has shown you how dark your world has truly become. I can hear how frightened you are Sophiexx and I’m afraid for you as well.

We really want to support you through this dark time Sophiexx and want to encourage you to keep accessing this forum as a means of support.

Sending you strength and light,

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