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Dear Sophiexx,
There is no need to apologize. When I read your post I can see how hopeless you are feeling about life and your desire to live. It seems like all the drive to find ways to stay alive has been drained from your heart. You have been fighting these urges to suicide for so long now Sophiexx. Is there anything in your life that you value or that you would miss if you were to kill yourself?

I get that you are feeling like a burden in people’s lives, that people don’t care enough to help you out of the pain you feel. Hearing that you feel no one cares about you hurts my heart. Please know that there are many people who want to help you. We care about you, and want to see you stay alive to find a happier future.

Yet our ability to help you in those most painful moments is limited, is there anything we can do to support you in staying alive? We have sent you help when you ask for it, and we will continue to listen to your pain when you share it.

If you are able to have this conversation we would love to see you during our Chat hours.
Remember that we are always fighting for you.
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