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Hey Bri,

I can really hear how hurt you still feel by your parents’ reaction to your suicidal thoughts. I can imagine you had a scenario in your mind of how it would go and were really disappointed when they reacted as they did, and more so to see that it didn’t change much, at least not how you hoped. Sounds like you long for a particular style of support that they are unaware of :(.

Congrats on the auditions! I’m glad that you were allowed to go and that it lifted your spirits for the time being. I’m really sorry to hear about your lap top being taken away, it seems like it is another important tool for coping. Have you thought of what other ways you will be able to fight the urge if the lap top is unavailable? Seems that writing helps a little, it would be unfortunate for you to stop. Maybe you can think of alternative to writing online?

Our fingers are also crossed for you and our hearts always open.

The Support Team <3

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