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Oh Bri, it sounds like the schedule at your new school is immensely stressful, while thoughts of what people are saying about you at your old school are also clearly hitting you hard. I would guess you are resentful of other people who are so easily fooled by your false smile and don’t make the effort to look past it and notice how much you are really hurting. I imagine you are angry at yourself for allowing people to bulldoze over your feelings, but also scared what will happen if they see how fragile and vulnerable you really are.

I get the sense you’re running yourself ragged to meet the expectations of your parents, while also feeling incredibly let down by their silence after you disclosed to them how bad things really are for you. It seems as though their apathy has seeped into your own feelings of hopelessness, leaving you feeling disconnected from any reasons you may have once had not to act on your plan to end your life. Is anything helping distract you from the thoughts of suicide when they get really intense?

When it feels like no one else cares, know that we do Bri <3

The Support Team

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