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Hi Bri123,

I know it must seem strange — receiving support from someone far away across the vast expanse that is the internet — how could they possibly care about what you’re going through? Though I don’t know you personally I’ve gotten a sense of your struggle and the pain you’re going through from your posts. From one human being to another, I can assure you that I do care about you.

I can imagine how scary it must be to reach out for someone, anyone, only to be met with rejection from those in your life. It almost seems as though if you had just one person to connect with you could hold on to that love and affection as a sign that things are worth fighting for. Is there anyone you can think of who could support you during these rough times?

Your apathy about living or dying worries me Bri123 — I would guess that things just seem like too much for you to bear right now, leaving you exhausted.

We’ll be here for you,

<3 The Support Team

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