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It looks like you are in so deep that you cannot see through the fog of despair back to a time when life has hopeful and happy. While some things have improved, and the school switch has helped on some levels, I’m seeing that other areas of your life seem completely broken. The success of finding a few friends has been overshadowed by the lack of care from your parents. I hope that you know that you deserve love and affection Bri. You are worth so much care.

When I really worry about you Bri, thinking of you feeling this way, so apathetic about life. I get the sense that you are very much alone with this fatigue and heartache. Is there anyone in your life that you would feel comfortable sharing some of your feelings with? Can we support you in connecting with a caring individual?

You mentioned death again, and I know that you previously mentioned that you don’t care enough to kill yourself, but I want you to know that if that ever changes we want to hear about it. We’re here for you Bri, and want to support that piece of your soul that is clinging to life, hoping that something will change for the better.

Sending strength,
The Support Team

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