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Hi Bri123,
Thanks for being so honest about your thoughts on ending your life. I can imagine it must be frightening to consider how painful such a process must be and I’m really happy to hear that you avoid triggering environments.

I get the sense that you know yourself well enough to understand what works for you and what doesn’t. Sounds like you are resourceful at finding the right type of support to keep yourself from ending your life.

Seems like every day is a little bit different than the last for you, however, even on good days, the pain can creep up to remind you that it is still there. I can hear how hard you have been fighting to keep yourself safe during difficult times. I hope you continue to find sources of support when life throws a pile at you. Your ability to reach out in tough times is inspirational.

It is true and unfortunate that due to lack of funding we no longer can accept chatters from the US but please continue using the services that you are familiar with and work for you.

Our hearts are with you through your struggle,

The Support Team <3

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