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Hey Brit123,

I get the sense you’re feeling pretty hopeless about the future and are struggling to see how things are going to get for better for you. It seems like things are really piling up for you right now and the task of dealing with everything is starting to feel impossible and even, a little pointless. It sounds as though you’re feeling really fed up, fed up of feeling bad and fed up of trying in a reality that does not feel so real at all.

When you say,”Know one knows who I really am or what I really feel”, I can imagine how sad and alone you feel. I can really hear how much you’re longing to have someone really see and understand the real you. It sounds like you want to share who you are with someone who genuinely cares about you. I can imagine not having that connection fills you with despair and heartache.

From what you said, it sounds as though suicide is really weighing on your mind and I am worried about you. I am glad you’re reaching out to us Brit123, and we want to hear from you. You really do matter to us, stay in touch!

The Support Team <3

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