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Absolutely, FallenAngel, we will reply to all your posts here and we welcome you to reach out to us whenever you need it.

It sounds like poetry gives you a creative outlet for the energy you might otherwise put towards self harm. I can hear how much you are feeling like you are fighting a losing battle with self harm, but I am encouraged to hear that you continue to fight. I get the sense that maintaining trust with your parents is really important to you, and that as much as it aches sometimes it is getting you through.

One of my favourite online resources is the National Self Harm Network website. They have this amazing link which we share a lot here on youthspace, so I apologize if you’ve seen it before: There’s quite a few ideas of things you can try to avoid self harm, I’d love to hear what you think :)

As always, we’re “hear” for you <3
the Support Team

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