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Hi vaybby91,

Thanks for sharing with us how youve been feeling… I can hear that its been REALLY hard for you lately :'( Im sorry youve been feeling so awful, and was wondering if anything happened to cause the feelings, or if its more just how youve been feeling?

I can hear you struggling with thoughts of suicide and I imagine those thoughts are creating even more isolation for you…? I get the sense youre feeling like no one in the world cares about you… thats must be a really heavy feeling in your heart :(

I know we dont know you, but I hope you believe we care about you and how youre doing! Im worried about you vaybby91, you seem lost and alone, and desperate for things to change… Im hearing that thinking about suicide is one way youve found to cope with your feelings, but Im wondering if you discovered any other ways (that are life-preserving) to deal with everything youre feeling? How’ve you been getting through your days…

Im happy morge18 gave us a vote of support… they are right, we are “hear” for you (and all our chatters and posters)! Not sure if you checked out our live chat, but we’d love to connect that way too… we’re “hear” to help you any night of the week (from 6-11pm on the west coast).

Stay strong vayabby91, stay alive…

the Support Team

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