You have such power with your words and even the silences between them.

I can truly hear how beaten and overcome you’re feeling by the emotions that seem to be haunting you, and by the battle you’re waging with food. I can only imagine how unbearable it is to have to face eating in order to survive, but to have your body in such pain as a result — like there’s no way at all to win.

It sounds like you’re utterly fed up with the terrible results that come from eating. Am I understanding you right when I hear that the treatments don’t seem to be helping at all? I bet that would add a layer of discouragement and exhaustion to the pain and stress that you’re already experiencing…

Those three diagnoses are a lot to face all at once, DashingDaisy, and I can hear how completely overwhelming it is for you to have to deal with them. How are you coping right now?

Stay connected DashingDaisy; we’re here for you, even if it’s just as a place to express the agony. <3

The Support Team

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