Oh DashingDaisy, I imagine it is so unbelievably hurtful that your coworkers both assumed you were pregnant and mocked you when you were feeling ill and vulnerable. Am I right in hearing that their jeers planted a little seed of worry that you might be pregnant, even if you are pretty sure you’re not? I get a sense you are outraged they seemed to think it was acceptable to talk to you about such personal things in such a flippant way.

I can hear from your previous posts how alone you are feeling. It sounds as though you are truly grieving the loss of both your friend and your family member who were at one time your supports in this new place. Is there anyone in your life now who you can to go when you’re feeling down? How have your therapist appointments been going lately? I would guess it’s particularly excruciating to have your co-workers bully you when you’re feeling like there’s no one left on your side :(

Keep connecting in this difficult time, DashingDaisy. Our thoughts are with you.

the Support Team

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