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Heyy Bri,

I can really hear how powerless you feel with the panic attacks… like, even though you’re doing what you can to manage them, they’re still coming and invading your life sometimes :( and it sounds like when those times come, it feels almost unbearable… even though your friends and parents help (and therapy too?), it doesn’t take away the fact that they still come, and when they do – SOMEHOW you need to get through to the other side. You mentioned all the pain that doesn’t go away when the panic attack ends… can you tell me more about that?

Waiting for an attack to end sounds so scary, frustrating and exhausting… I can hear how tired you are of having to deal with this, Bri. I’m glad you have some coping strategies (breathing exercises, staying positive, etc.), but it sounds like they don’t always work :(

Take good care Bri, and stay strong,
the Support Team

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