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Heyy Bri,

Thanks for trusting us with your story… it really sounds like life is beating you down and its getting harder and harder to stay up… I get the sense that it feels like you can NEVER really catch your breath.

Im glad youre connected to therapy, and that it feels like things are getting somewhere some of the time, but I imagine the set-backs are reeeally frustrating and at times you feel like just giving up. Is there anyone else supporting you?

You’ve been hanging on to one h*ll of a ride… what keeps you going? Especially when everything hurts so much? Oh Bri, I imagine sometimes it feels like nothings ever gonna change… I’m wondering if it ever gets so bad that you think about suicide?

We’re ‘hear’ for you Bri… not sure if youve tried our chat/text, but I invite you to check it out… any night 6-11pm (on the westcoast).

Stay strong… and stay connected,
the Support Team

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