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Hey Martin,

Thanks for posting your thoughts and feelings here, sorry it took us a few days to get back to ya. I get the sense that how you are fluctuating a lot right now from hopeless despair to excited anticipation. It’s cool to hear about positive stuff you’ve got going on, like the protest. I get the sense you are really passionate about this cause. Also, congrats about the college call!

And yet…for every positive you have a lot of negatives…I can hear how truly isolated you are right now. I get the sense that you feel really removed, even from the people in your daily life. It seems like there is a lot of speculation going around about your past relationship, and I can imagine that it feels sometimes like everyone is against you… are you taking care of yourself in this tumultuous time?

It can be hurtful to hear other people’s opinions about a relationship. I get the sense that you are processing a lot right now, and grieving the relationship. You and your ex had a profound connection, and I can only imagine how your world shattered when you broke up <3

I’m worried for you Martin, cos I can hear you’re having a hardtime holding onto life…have you been thinking about a suicide plan? It seems like you aren’t sure how long you can stay safe which really scares me :S We’d love to explore these thoughts more in Chat too.

Know that we are on your side
<3 the Support Team

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