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Hey MemyselfandI, yah with the parents it really just wears down on me with how often they do it :( hopefully things will get better though if my college plans work out :) socially though I’m not sure ill ever please them.
And Hello Support Team, well I haven’t been on chat the last two days, but I think that’s good because it means that the thoughts of suicide aren’t always on my mind. And yah the comments about my ex were really a kick in the stomach while I was already down. I also haven’t thought about suicide toooo much, but often I’ll see things now, and think about how I could kill myself with it, but I haven’t been thinking a plan, besides one night this week. ** So the thoughts are still there, but they are much less common, and extreme now. I’m certainly not out of the clear yet though

**Edited by Support Team for potentially triggering content.

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