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Hi Martin Henrique (:

First of all, I just want to let you know the reason we edit things is to make sure YS is a safe place for everyone — both you and all our users. Do know though that we read everything you send us, and in replying to you, we’re replying to the whole post, even if only part of it came up on the forum. I know it can be scary to open up about things that are so personal to you — I am honoured to have you share your story with us.

I’m so glad to hear that things have been going a bit better now.. I can hear how much of a load off of your chest it is to be able to be in the same room as your ex and to think of her without the same stabbing pain as before. In your post you seem hopeful that friendship might be a possibility for you and your ex in the future — I imagine that having that hope makes things a lot brighter in your life. (:

I can sense that the hope is also quieting the thoughts of suicide a bit — at least to the point that you are able to focus on other things and to keep the thoughts under control when they do come up. I can hear how much of a relief that is.

It sounds like you’ve been devoting a lot of time and energy into this protest for a while — and I’m sensing that it was a success? (: You expressed concern that your days might feel meaningless now, and I’m wondering how things are feeling now that the protest is over?

We’re here for you — about both the bad and good. <3

Take care of yourself,

The Support Team.

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