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Hey Martin Henrique,

The biggest thing that stands out for me from so many of your posts is how deeply you still care for your ex. It sounds like you’re still feeling really wounded around her, but that in a strange way, she is also a beacon of hope. Even if it’s not a relationship, just being able to talk and share some experiences again would be something to look forward to, hey? I get the sense that your breakup left a huge hole in your heart, and that you’re looking for a way to fill a bit of that emptiness…

It sounds like you’re scared of the idea about thinking about suicide again, after feeling a bit better. How are you looking after yourself right now, Martin? Were you able to catch the hockey game the other night? :)

It’s neat that you feel like the protest was a success. I must have been an excellent distraction, because it sounds like it was a lot of work! I get the sense that it was nice to be able to put some energy into something that you and your classmates care about.

In the midst of sadness and loss, I am so impressed by your strength, Martin. Stay connected. We’re here as you sort through these feelings.

-The Support Team

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