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Yah she was just someone I felt like I could share anything with, and I trusted her so much with everything. I would love to date her again, but more importantly I just want to be on speaking terms with her again. I really do care about her so much, and I hate the fact that I’ve hurt her throughout this process (not physically don’t worry MeMyselfandI) but emotionally I guess. I’m just scared that I’ll hurt her again, but it hurts me not to be able to speak to her.
As for looking after myself hockey has been a huge help, and my favourite team the New Jersey Devils are off to a 2-0 start so that’s awesome :) even though I’ve been waiting for these games for 3 months though, my parents are still nagging me not to watch hockey all the time. I just wish that they could see how much watching hockey helps me through everything.
Ugh on Saturday night though I went out with my friends to the movies, and I had really been looking forward to it because I hadn’t spent time with them for quite a while, but I ended up feeling left out as usual. They’ve both done…stuff…with their current or past girlfriends, and I just feel out of the loop, and it really just seems to distance me from them. The entire time they either talked to each other, or were on their phones texting, and I had just really hoped it would be a chance for me to connect with them again because one guy now has a girlfriend, and seems to spend all of his time with her. But hey I’m beginning to accept the feeling of being abandoned which sucks, but is true :(

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