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Well I got accepted to the college I’ve wanted to go to since I was in grade 10, focussing on the topic I’ve wanted to study since I was in grade 8.
Two problems though
1) I text my ex hoping I’d get some response from her…and nothing. This is the biggest news of my life, and I should be happy now, but instead all I can think of is not being able to talk to her. Just whenever something good happens I want to share it with her, and I can’t :(

2) my parents acted proud, but as soon as I asked if I could drop one class next semester because I don’t need it for the class I’m going into, they went off on keeping my options open. It just sucks because my mom has never seemed to support the idea of me going into this program. But it’s all I want to do.

I should be so happy right now, but getting into this program has only made things worse :(

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