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When I think of my ex with this new guy I just get so mad and upset at the same time that I almost have troubles breathing, and there’s this feeling in my upper chest that scares me.
I guess for these chats I just hoped them to be more counselling, and everytime the time expires I just feel like another person is leaving me again and again. But I’ve begun to realize that these are people that care about me, and are here to listen, and that has helped me get through the chats. And I have been referring them to this post and it has really helped because I’m able to spend less time going on about my story, and talk about the stories and get further.
I’m not really sure though what I’m holding onto to help me cope. I play ball hockey in the spring, so I’m really looking forward to that I guess.
And then for self harm I tried self hurt once more, but it just kinda stings, and doesn’t help so I’m done with that for now.
I was able to tell one other person so I think that was a big step for me. I actually just showed her this post, because I didn’t want to write it all out to her. So I’m really hoping she won’t tell anyone, because if she does I know I’ll never be able to trust anyone again.

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