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I woke up this morning, and I just can’t handle all of this anymore. My dad is being a pain in the ass and he’s home all the time because he can’t go back to work yet, and still everything reminds me of my ex.

Anything I see on TV involving couples makes me cringe, every red car/van I see I look to see if it’s her, all my sweaters remind me of how I used to lend them to them.

And every second now I have flashbacks to times I should have kissed her. She’s the one for me, and I think if I’d kissed her that it might have helped us. I also know I would never regret it if I had kissed her, even if she still broke up with me.

Well I’m sitting here thinking I’ll never kiss a girl, but I’ve got to go because my dad is freaking out at me for being on my phone and not doing anything. I’ll bet he would shut up if I told him about this site, and my posts.
I’m just so done with everything, and whenever I catch a break someone brings me down, or I’ll even do it myself by thinking about how I should talk to my ex. I’m an idiot

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